Poland First To Fight
German Invasion of Poland

This section contains wartime publications and documents related to the German invasion and occupation of Poland during Second World War.

Poland Under Nazi Rule

A confidential report prepared by American Vice Consul in Warsaw, T. H. Chylinski. It describes situation in German occupied Poland. Declassified by CIA after 60 years in 2001.

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Nazi Rule in Poland

A pamphlet written by the British author Gertrude M. Godden and published in London by Catholic Truth Society in 1941. It describes the Nazi persecution and murder of Poles in German occupied Poland.

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The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland

A brochure published by the Polish Government in Exile in 1942. It contains the facts relating to the genocide of the Jews in occupied Poland; delivered to the Western world by Jan Karski (the publication is often referred to as The Karski Report).

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